Monday, August 15, 2011

Almost there!


It's the night before I leave, and I am almost finished packing- meaning I have another load of laundry drying downstairs, and all of my toiletries, and maybe to say 'almost finished' is stretching it a bit. "Will be finished by tomorrow" is a better way to put it, I suppose. Good news though: so far I'm under the abysmal weight limit, hopefully it will remain that way after I put in my winter coat. Knocks on wood.

I have had a fantastic last weekend in the US, as I was able to a good portion of the people I wanted to see before I left on Saturday. My virtual twin Mackenzie returned from her six-week sojourn in England on Sunday, so we've spent most of our waking hours together, and surprisingly haven't broken anything or maimed anyone on accident.

All in all, my stomach butterflies/elephants aside, I'm ready to leave tomorrow, and I fly in to the Netherlands in a few days after a national orientation and a good deal of waiting around that I'd rather not think about.

Tot ziens,



  1. We're thinking about you today as you begin your new adventure! We are so glad you're keeping a blog that will help us stay in contact with you throughout the year. We'll be sure to send you some pictures of Mr. T so you can stay on top of what we're doing too! Love love love, Emily, Jeff and Mr. T

  2. Beste Irene:

    Gisteren, vandaag en de komende dagen ben je in mijn gedachten. Ik wens je een goede, veilige en leuke reis, met wachttijden inbegrepen.

    Ik bewonder je moed om deze grote stap te ondernemen!