Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Revisited

According to the calander, it's already April, and to be honest I'm not totally sure how that can be true since it feels like March just started. But as Easter is tomorrow, and calenders don't normally lie, I've had to conclude that it is indeed April, which means that I haven't updated this blog in quite a while.

I have to say, updating is getting harder and harder to do, not only because I am simply lazy, but also because everything that I do feels very normal. At first I could talk about all the cultural differences, and the new things that that I've been doing, but at this point it just feels like normal life, or at least as normal as it can get given who I am...

So, what have I been up to then? I've been somewhat busy I guess; at the beginning of March I had a giant orchestra rehearsal Friday through Sunday, and played something like 28 hours of violin those three days. The next weekend I had a general rehearsal for orchestra, and then Sunday we went to Germany for a concert, which was tons of fun. Two weeks ago we had another two concerts in Hoorn and Amsterdam, and now the season's over. It starts back up towards the end of April, but I'll only be able to go to a handfull of rehearsals before I have to leave which is too bad since we're playing the Sacre du Printemps.

Other than that, life hasn't been too eventful. I've continued going to circus in Amsterdam weekly, and am very slowly improving at tumbling and ground acro (not my strong points). On a similar note, we finally climbed ropes in gym last week, which would have to make it my most succesful gym class, ever. Most of the time we play dodgeball, and I hide in a corner covering my face or something- it's not my best subject frankly, so it was nice to be actually good at something for once. I've never climbed on braided ropes before, and though it's logical to think that they'll be a lot more painful, I did manage to forget to tuck in my shirt before doing anything, and as a result I have a lovely giant burn on my side, and one on my ankle too. Oh well, it was still lots of fun, I've really missed climbing (in Amsterdam the circus doesn't really have much aerial).

Other than that, not much exciting has happened. I turned sixteen finally, and my host family gave me a dutch cook book which was great! And the day after my birthday was a sort of holiday/ binge drinking festival in my town, so I didn't have school the second half of the day. Since my host family and I aren't too in to binge drinking, my host sisters and I went to Den Haag with my host mom to a sort of giant swimming pool amusement park, which was incredibly awesome!

That's about it! Hope you're all well.


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  1. Happy Birthday Irene! We've been sending you birthday vibes for weeks!! Glad to hear all is well. We love you and miss you! Emily, Jeff, and Tobias