Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting back to Hogwarts

Hello all,

This is going to be a very quick update because I have to leave soon for my orientation which is half way across the country, but know that I have survived my first week of school with my dignity intact, ignoring the fact that I keep thinking doors are locked when they're actually push not pull. But my general well-being is good, I haven't had any slushies thrown on me a la Glee, and if my dignity is not necessarily as shiny and new as it was a few weeks ago, I'd say it's simply lightly stressed, rather like my jeans. And this metephor is going nowhere (, so moving on.

Everyone's nice at school, hopefully I'll make some friends sometime in the next few months. The classes are hard in that there's a lot of Dutch to read, but the actual subject matter I've already covered for a good deal of them, not sure if that's good or bad in the long run. I got switched into math B (not D alas, but it's better than A), and I could do the math while sleeping, so that's less great. Overall the teachers are really nice, and I've been too busy doing things like my history homework to fret over certain material being too easy in essence, since I have the language barrier blocking me from being able to do anything with coherence and articulation.

One interesting thing about the school is that they don't have substitute teachers. So if you have a teacher sick, you don't have class. They have a giant schedule in tiny writing that they update everyday that tells you these things- unfortunately it took me a few days to figure out how to read it but I think I'm good now.

There are two other exchange students at my school, one from Belgium for three months, and one from Australia for a semester. The girl from Belgium is also with AFS, so we're going to the orientation together today.

I realize that this update is not so much carefully folded, compressed, and shrink-wrapped but more scrawled out and stuffed in a metaphorical envelope, but for now it'll have to do.

I'm doing well, still adjusting, but enjoying the experience.

Love to all, and Jeff (or Emily) you should respond to my message! For those of you who start school in Eugene today, I wish you luck.



  1. Sounds like the biggest hurdle is Dutch. Otherwise you'd be cruising. Where is orientation? Do yountake the train?

  2. Good luck at Orientation! I hope it was enjoyable! I will tell Jeff to respond to your message. I'm assuming it's on his Facebook. We'll find it! :) It might be nice that the subject matter is a review--you'll be able to really focus on learning Dutch. I know you'll catch right up with the subject matter when you return! We saw your parents at a stoplight on Chambers and 18th last night. Fun! We miss you, but are glad you're having a positive experience. Love, Emily, Jeff, and Tobias