Monday, October 3, 2011

And I'm back!

Another week has come and gone, and here I am trying to figure out what to write, and failing to a certain degree. Life is being life, school school, and that's about it really. Saturday I went to Amsterdam with AFS, which was a lot of walking but a lot of fun and a good deal of socializing with the other students. Next weekend I'm auditioning for a regional orchestra, so on top of the homework and Dutch I have that to work towards- I'm nervous but will try my best and see what comes of it.

School is going well, or as well as one would expect. Last week I was finally switched into a better math class, so I've been spending a good deal of time catching up to them since it's the fifth week of school, and I got an A on my spelling/vocab test in Dutch today, which I'm pretty happy about. I made some small mistakes, but the teacher didn't count them, which was a relief because it was minus two points for every mistake! But we've got another one on Thursday, I should probably start studying, though I'm not actually going to be in class- because I'm in the new math class Dutch and math on Thursdays are at the same time. I'm looking into getting a time turner but the department of mysteries is still recovering from being partially destroyed, so I have to wait. Meanwhile I just go to one class or the other, this week math because I need to catch up.

This is a really boring update.. all of the big differences from at first are starting to feel a lot more normal, which makes it harder to write about. I did made banana bread for the other exchange students though, and that was pretty delicious if I do say so myself!

Anyways, I need to start my homework now as the last hour disappeared frighteningly quickly!

Love to all,



  1. So I guess blogger detected that my title was too lame and deleted it entirely. Oh well.. :P

  2. You went to Amersterdam and that seemed normal? Guess you ARE adjusting. Here are some topics for you. (Because I just can't resist.) Who was that person(s) you talked with in Amsterdam? What sounds did the city have? What smells?

  3. Hilarious reference to Harry Potter! I hope they don't give you a time turner--remember Hermione! Good luck on your audition. I can't wait to hear how it goes! And that's super exciting news about the math class; I bet that's a bit of a relief as well. Things are well here...the rain is setting in. Figures. We have a farm field trip tomorrow. Gotta love wet and muddy kiddos! Jeff and Mr. T send their love. Emily